Malyo Wilderness Camp enforces a catch and release policy.

With myriad fish species, including the fine-toothed Squeaker, African Pike, Infamous Tiger, and Nembwe, angling from Malyo’s powerboat is an enjoyable excursion!

Other species include 3Spot Tilapia; Green Head Tilapia, Red Breast Tilapia, The Humpback and Thinfaced Largemouths, Green Bream, Pink Bream, Sharp tooth and Blunt Tooth Catfish amongst more.

About the Tiger Fish:

Did you know that Tiger Fish are only found in rivers flowing in an EASTERN direction mainly? The Kwando goes South East, before it turns into the Linyante and Chobe Rivers. Tigerfish are found in the Okavango River, but not in the Kunene or Orange, which flows West. These are Namibia’s only perennial rivers.

Tigerfish can get up to 7 sets of teeth during their lifetime. Thus, if you catch a tigerfish with missing teeth, it is not always that they had damage, and even if they had damage, the teeth will grow back.

Tiger fish swims up to their prey at full speed, and bite. If it is quite a large prey they are after, they may bump it once or twice to disorientate it before biting. Tiger fish will even go for a fish that you are reeling in – many anglers have seen huge fresh bites on their catch. However, African Pike (Or Kwando Piranha as we call them) will do the same.

Angling on the Kwando River from Malyo Wilderness Camp is quite an experience!